The Green Thumb Organic Farm

      Freeze All the Strawberries You Can. Right Now

      While another week or so remains until local cherries arrive, followed by blueberries, raspberries and the remaining avalanche of fruit, we top, rinse and pack the red jewels into plastic bags destined for the freezer. They will form the flavor foundation of smoothies, top yogurt and breakfast cereal and oatmeal and be the cooling afternoon snack we’ll crave in July and August.

      Throwback Thursday: (Organic) Strawberry Fields Forever

      Let me take you down, East Enders, ’cause this Thursday we’re going to Strawberry Fields—the ones you’ll find in-person at Green Thumb Organic Farm in Water Mill and profiled here, online, in E.L. Wyves’s “Strawberry Politics” from the Spring 2006 edition of Edible East End, to be exact.

      Why Not Fennel?

      Much to my delight, I walked into the Green Thumb Organic Farm in Watermill and spotted some beautiful crisp bunches of fennel alongside whimsically shaped bright orange carrots.

      Last Minute Farm Stand Shopping

      For the past few weeks we’ve been asking you to tell us about the farm stands in your neighborhood that will be open for Thanksgiving shopping. It’s not too late to support our farmers and have the freshest, most delicious, lowest carbon footprint side dishes possible.