Macari Vineyards

      Bud Break on the East End

      It usually happens around the first week of May, but it’s been a weird winter. I’m talking about bud break, when the newly formed buds on grapevines finally break open and the leaves meet the sunlight to start the active part of the growing season.

      Brooklyn Uncorked: The Place to Taste the 2013 Rosés

      The first wines of any vintage to be released are rosés, and Brooklyn Uncorked will give you the chance to taste 2013 bottles from some of the best producers. These wines will be fresh, light and bursting with the ripe fruit. Most have not been released to the public yet, but will be within the next few weeks. Here’s a preview:

      Time to Toast and Taste

      Forty years ago a car ride down the Main Road on the North Fork meant something quite different than it does today. The landscape was still agriculture, broken at intervals by small towns. But it didn’t mean wine country: there were no tasting rooms nor grape vines to the horizon.