Fresh Chickens, or “Little Gerrys” on Sale at North Fork Table and Browder’s Birds

      That’s right, the North Fork’s Browder’s Birds have begun a locavore poultry project that is sure to have you singing, “It’s the circle of life,” in no time. Mattituck’s organic free-range chicken farmers are currently feeding two of their flocks scraps from the highly touted North Fork Table and Inn and the chickens will ultimately appear on the restaurant’s menu on the weekend of July 25.

      Throwback Thursday: Sunny Side Up

      Love and eggs are best when fresh — or so goes the old Russian proverb. On the issue of the eggs, at least, we here at Edible East End have to agree. Eggs sold on the shelves of supermarkets just can’t compete with those for sale straight off the farm. And as our own Susan Yager reported back in Spring 2006, East Enders familiar with farm fresh eggs will quickly reveal the reason: the happiest chickens lay the best-tasting eggs.