Long Island Grown


Long Island might be known for its spectacular beaches and epic traffic—but increasingly the region is garnering fame for something just as superior: its agriculture. In fact, Long Island bounty has never tasted so good. At roadside stands dotting Route 27, across the North Fork and throughout the island, shoppers can find a veritable enchanted edible wonderland that is Long Island grown. Fresh, affordable and raised by our neighbors. From the succulent strawberries of high July, to the sweet snap of summer corn kernels in late summer and early autumn. The region’s maritime climate—warmed by the bays and ocean—means this bounty of crops extends well into fall with Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and incredible potatoes. That same climate, and impeccable soils, allows wine grapes to hang and develop character far more complex than their Mediterranean cousins, and has turned Long Island into New York’s own Napa. You might say we’re in the renaissance of Long Island’s 400-year farming history. There’s an easy way to find Long Island’s best: Just look for the Grown on Long Island symbol at grocers, farm stands and anywhere that knows a thing or two about quality.

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“Long Island may be local to the city, but it offers a climate and an ecology that are completely its own. The products that I source from there are inevitably delicious, and uniquely of their place.”
—Dan Barber, executive chef/owner Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. See other testimonials.