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Enter to Win a Handsome Brook Farm Egg Supply & Swag Bag

Handsome Brook Farm is a pioneer in pasture-raised organic egg production, the most ethical and sustainable way to produce eggs. Founded in upstate New York with five hens, Handsome Brook has grown into the largest producer of organic pasture-raised eggs in the country, with more than 65 partner farms in 10 states. The company is committed to building a better food system that benefits our hens, farmers, the planet and consumers.

While cage-free birds may live more than 40,000 to a barn, Handsome Brook Farm’s pasture-raised hens live 400 to an acre—a big difference that gives them the freedom to flap, flock and forage to their hearts’ content. HBF’s American Humane certified 108-plus square feet of rotated pasture per hen is 50x freer than free range. That’s like going from a studio apartment to a mansion. Their hens make the most of their wide open space, spending their days soaking up sunlight (aka vitamin D) and scratching through the grass for fresh shoots, tiny bugs, and other tasty treats.

Giveaway: A month’s supply of eggs (4 dozen), 2 spatulas and a Handsome Brook tote.

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