Post-Sandy Lessons: Stove-Top Croutons, Pumpkin Seeds and Sour Milk

I’m writing from a makeshift post-Sandy desk outside the prep kitchen at Beacon Restaurant in Sag Harbor, where Chef Sam McClelland and staff are shuttling food from the freezer at Bell & Anchor–where power is out after three electrical poles went down on Long Beach– to the working refrigerators here. I’m sorry to report the food in our home fridge has already started to spoil.

Cavaniola’s Opens in Tribeca, Anchoring a New NYC Culinary Destination

My local cheese shop, Cavaniola’s, is closed for the week. Fortunately, we stocked up on Friday. Even better, Cavaniola’s has opened a location in Tribeca, the keystone cheesemonger in the new All Good Things market, alongside Orwasher’s Bread, Dickson’s Farmstead Meats, Blue Bottle coffee, a restaurant, a bar and more to attract crowds of hungry New Yorkers.

Vote on the Cover Image for our Coming Fall Issue

We’re currently debating what to put on the cover of our Fall issue that hits the streets next week–red grape crush, a one-man dairy, CSA pick-up, crusty Blue Duck Bakery bread. So, we now put the query to those who know us best: Our readers. Which one of the these covers are you digging? What image says fall on the East End?