Spring 2014

The Innovation Issue 2014

When we launched Edible East End, our storytelling straddled the past and future. We swooned over centuries-old recipes for clam pie, the ingenuity of potato barns and Shinnecock beach plum recipes. But we also championed winemakers, dairies, oyster farmers and mushroom growers, part of the avalanche of start-up food businesses not before seen on these forks.

Readread the Feedfeed

Putting together her background as a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and a veteran of digital agencies, Julie Resnik came up with the idea for feedfeed, a social media platform where users can submit photos of their breakfasts, lunches and dinners to share with other stumped cooks.

Fresh Food, Right to Your Door

So many amazing East End farms and food producers, so little time. It’s simply impossible to hit all the places you like, even if you plan your expedition down to the last bunch of arugula. Until now—just point and click, and the best of the East End and beyond will appear at your door.

Little Sprouts

In early spring, it’s too cold to plant seeds. Get a jump on your summer crops by starting seeds indoors! Vegetables like peas, beans, broccoli, melons, peppers and tomatoes are very happy to begin life on a warm windowsill.

Crooked Ladder Brewing Company

My experience with breweries is they sometimes have a hard time balancing the problem of catering to beer enthusiasts and welcoming Joe Budweiser. Crooked Ladder in Riverhead has enough for the interested amateur and the expert to make a trip worthwhile.

Should We Hunt?

A debate about whether we should or shouldn’t shoot an abundant source of free-range protein can only happen in a society where the gross majority of people are either vegetarian or perfectly content with the meat they can buy at the supermarket. Our meadows have given way to suburbia and so has much of our mindset and habits.

The March of the Gastropods

Tucked into a corner of my favorite phylum, Mollusca, is a class of creatures known as gastropods. Their name describes their two major body features, stomach and foot, and their main activity, crawling around the sea floor and devouring everything in their path.