Low Summer 2012

Long Island Ale House

And although the Ale House is still evolving—Rutan is working on adding more Long Island wines to the menu and plans to change the food specials roughly every 15 days—both men clearly share a vision for their young business.

Floral Flavors

Soon the honey is infused with the flavor of the roses and the petals turn colorless. McGuire-Wien will then spread it on toast or use it to make a vegan ice cream that also uses another June staple, the strawberry.

Eat Drink Local Week

The week revolves around partner restaurants who will wow us with special seasonal prix-fixe menus packed with our eight, reader-selected ingredients of the week—Spinach, Eggs, Goat (milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, etc.), Radishes, Rosé Wines, Porgy, Fava Beans and Hops.