High Summer 2014

Two Men and a Clam Rake

Antiques may be prized for higher-quality steel, but custom-made rakes are the best. Garden tools, such as pitchforks, can easily be converted to catch clams. Thin tines work best to find hard clams in rocky bottoms, and thicker tines suit soft clams in sandy or muddy bottoms.

The Petulant Wino

The place lives up to its name. It’s quirky, hip and relaxed, and on a summer Friday evening buzzing with wine-region visitors and local food aficionados alike. Wine industry types were at the bar unwinding; any residual petulance from the workweek didn’t last long.

Chef Mathias Brogie Hails from Stockholm and Keeps the Living Room Menu True to his Scandinavian Roots

A small herb garden, tucked behind the Maidstone, sets the tone for the 19-room inn and its Scandinavian restaurant, the Living Room. Sections of the white shingled building date back to the 1600s. From the sheepskin-draped Adirondack chairs on the porch, the view of East Hampton’s iconic town pond and South End Burial Grounds has not changed in four centuries. The settlers were not serving up caviar tacos, however.

South Fork & Spoon

South Fork & Spoon is a meal delivery, personal shopping and food concierge service that can make entire dinners magically appear, take all the pesky planning out of entertaining, solve the eternal riddle of kid-friendly food and even see to it that you arrive to chilled wine, a warm pool, cranking AC and a full pantry.


Fishing is best when the tide is moving at deepwater spots like docks, marinas and channels, but even shallow water at the beach can work. Look for disturbances on the water surface, or little fish jumping to escape—there’s probably a school of snappers on the hunt!

Our Journey:  Or How We Learned  to Stop Worrying and Love Beer

Sitting across from each other at the Beer Judge Certification Program exam in Philadelphia, the table adorned with saltines and water cups and the convention hall packed with about 60 other eager test takers, nerves began to settle in. Hours of studying and practice, along with a successful showing on an online exam, had finally led to this.