Fish & Shellfish

      RECIPE: David Rosengarten’s Linguine with White Clam Sauce

      The combination of dried pasta and clams is a staple all over southern Italy. But the dish is usually different from what we see here in two significant ways. First of all, though Italian-American restaurants almost always choose linguine for clam sauce, in Italy you are much more likely to be served spaghetti with clam sauce; the Italians claim it holds the sauce better, and they may be right.

      RECIPE: Paula Peck’s Striped Bass Plaki

      Each summer, Megan Peck’s family revisits a crowd-pleaser: Striped Bass Plaki, a favorite of her famous cookbook author grandmother, Paula Peck. They’ve made a few changes to the recipe to line up with the offerings of the Peconic Bay, substituting whelk, oysters and blue crab for the shrimp in the original.