Throwback Thursday: (Organic) Strawberry Fields Forever

Let me take you down, East Enders, ’cause this Thursday we’re going to Strawberry Fields—the ones you’ll find in-person at Green Thumb Organic Farm in Water Mill and profiled here, online, in E.L. Wyves’s “Strawberry Politics” from the Spring 2006 edition of Edible East End, to be exact.

Throwback Thursday: Gastro-Gardens

What is a garden if not a feast for the senses? For the eyes there’s the vivid palette of its many blooms; for the nose, their sweet perfume. Even the ears enjoy the soft buzzing of the bees that pollinate them. But what if the same space could appeal to the tastebuds, too?

Throwback Thursday: An Ode to Quail Hill Farm

A thing of beauty is a joy forever—be it a poem or a perfectly ripe tomato. And as we learned from Geraldine Pluenneke’s 2009 story, “The Poet, Grounded,” the joys of the page and palate converge at Amagansett’s own Quail Hill Farm in the shape of its director, Scott Chaskey.