KnowFo: Local Farm Secrets of the North Fork

A short while after moving to the North Fork, I discovered this kind of just-because surprise isn’t unique to Sang Lee Farms. For instance, if you arrive at Harbes too early for fresh cider donuts because the oil isn’t hot yet, at check out, you may find a bag of six waiting for you. They’ll be free because they were made yesterday, but they’ll be tasty all the same.

Throwback Thursday: The Community that Farms Together…

If it’s true that the community that farms together, stays together, members of the Southampton Community Organic Farm will never be in want of some company. And as our own Brian Halweil learned when he visited the farm in the Spring of 2006, the bounty of these mostly hobby-farmers’ company is dwarfed only by that of their harvest.

Throwback Thursday: Sunny Side Up

Love and eggs are best when fresh — or so goes the old Russian proverb. On the issue of the eggs, at least, we here at Edible East End have to agree. Eggs sold on the shelves of supermarkets just can’t compete with those for sale straight off the farm. And as our own Susan Yager reported back in Spring 2006, East Enders familiar with farm fresh eggs will quickly reveal the reason: the happiest chickens lay the best-tasting eggs.

Bud Break on the East End

It usually happens around the first week of May, but it’s been a weird winter. I’m talking about bud break, when the newly formed buds on grapevines finally break open and the leaves meet the sunlight to start the active part of the growing season.