Annual Farm-to-Table Dinner Returns to Sylvester Manor

Save the date, East Enders! Sylvester Manor is set to host its third annual Farm to Table Dinner on Saturday, June 28th, and you’ve all been invited to attend. The event, for which tickets are available now, will begin at 6:30PM with a selection of local wines and hors d’Oeuvres—the perfect pre-game for the dinner’s main event featuring in-season produce straight off the farm.

The Rebirth of the Greenport Chowder Contest: a Chowder Fest on June 8

Some summers I go to a chowder contest and act like it’s work. “It’s me again,” I say, rolling my eyes. “I’ve been assigned to cover this chowder contest. Would you mind giving me a second taste?” The chowder ladler rolls her eyes and doles out a little more of their New England-style (my favorite), with mock commiseration. Truth is, I’ve assigned the contest to myself and have been known to spend a Saturday hitting contests on both forks.