Sean Barrett (pictured on right) is a lifelong East End fisherman and restaurateur, who co-founded, the original community supported fishery on Long Island, headquartered in Montauk. He often cites Quail Hill and Blue Hill as his sources of inspiration.

    Dock Report: Yellowtail Flounder

    As summer melds into fall the changes are obvious on land; autumn colors return to the trees and school buses idling on the roadways reappear. But seasonal changes on the ocean are less noticeable and involve gradual water temperature adjustments and a shifting labyrinth of currents. These transformations are felt more than seen.

    Dock Report: Atlantic Bigeye Tuna

    As of March of this year, 34 rebuilt and sustainable fish stocks are thriving in American waters. This is evidenced by the return of humpback whales to the waters around New York City, where they’ve been seen “lunge feeding” on ample schools of fish.