Gwendolen Groocock is the editor of the Greenport Guide, and writes about food, wine, travel and mommyhood from her home on the North Fork.

    Hook and Lager

    If there’s one good reason for a big old, bright-red fire truck to come out of a well-deserved retirement after a half-century of fighting fires, it would surely be to quench people’s thirst.

    The Petulant Wino

    The place lives up to its name. It’s quirky, hip and relaxed, and on a summer Friday evening buzzing with wine-region visitors and local food aficionados alike. Wine industry types were at the bar unwinding; any residual petulance from the workweek didn’t last long.

    South Fork & Spoon

    South Fork & Spoon is a meal delivery, personal shopping and food concierge service that can make entire dinners magically appear, take all the pesky planning out of entertaining, solve the eternal riddle of kid-friendly food and even see to it that you arrive to chilled wine, a warm pool, cranking AC and a full pantry.


    Fishing is best when the tide is moving at deepwater spots like docks, marinas and channels, but even shallow water at the beach can work. Look for disturbances on the water surface, or little fish jumping to escape—there’s probably a school of snappers on the hunt!