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    Robert Jakob and David White

    I hadn’t been to Robert Jakob and David White’s garden since it was last on the Landscape Pleasures tour in 1997. I know I had felt then that it was probably my favorite garden on the East End because it seemed so intensely personal and idiosyncratic.

    Andrew Sabin and Lei Shen

    Do not pause too long in admiration of the finely pruned weeping willow at the rear of the house, whose proportions are as admirable as those of the magic tree at the center of blue willow ware or, as I did, when I reviewed in mid-spring enviously taking in a huge, alluring display of purple hellebores.

    Private Southampton Estate

    With its mature plantings and lush flower gardens, this estate on Great Plains Road blends in seamlessly with the other venerable grandes dames that beckon behind the signature hedgerows. So it’s hard to imagine that only a short time ago the three-acre property was a vacant, flat, barren lot with nary a tree or bush in sight.

    Spring 2006

    Artist-fisher Annie Sessler usually records remarkable catches as ink-on-canvas fishprints. But when Gene Coleman of St. Peter’s Catch in Montauk was hosing off this John Dory in his delivery van, she had to take a photo.

    Our Spring ‘Innovation’ Issue Is Out!

    First of all, thanks to the nearly 300 people who voted and told us which photo they liked for our cover. This photo by Randee Daddona was extremely popular, and we love it, too; it’s so springy! Most of all, we love hearing from you. Keep the feedback coming on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    RECIPE: Ricotta Cheesecake

    In our spring 2014 What’s in Season column, adventurous cook Laura Luciano visits Ty Llwyd farm for the spring milk to make a grassy and flavorful ricotta cheese, which leads her to reminisce about the ricotta cheesecake she loved made by her Italian grandfather.