Meet the Women Making Eastport a Destination

Eastport is home to many women-owned small businesses that are transforming the once-sleepy hamlet.

What does a woman want? Wine and spirits, handmade jewelry, and fresh pies to start, especially when they come from women-owned brands. Nationwide the number of women in business has rapidly increased over the past ten years, but it’s still far from an equal playing field. It’s one reason why we’re thrilled to see and support so many women-owned businesses in Eastport. 

“Eastport is really the best-kept secret,” says Emily Weiss, who opened Beyond the Beaten Path in the hamlet 24 years ago.

On the western edge of the Hamptons, Eastport dishes out salty, coastal vibes, loads of charm and artsy boutiques, many of which are owned or operated by women. Here are a few of our favorites.

Eastport General Store

It’s easy to assume that the Eastport General Store has been around for ages. The store has a nostalgic, comfortable vibe and fits into the hamlet seamlessly. But Eastport General Store is a baby. Inspired by traditional general stores of years past, Heather Spagnoli and Amber Otto opened it in 2020 as a one-stop shop for locals, and it’s definitely become that. You’ll find everything from housewares to provisions like locally made pickles, eggs and cheese to even hostess gifts like gorgeous bouquets and sweet treats like scones and fudge. And we love that many of the items they stock are also produced by other women-owned brands. Plus, they’re dog friendly, and there’s coffee making it the ideal spot to pop into on a morning walk.

Eastport General Store

Tipsy Duck

Stepping into Tipsy Duck feels like stepping into your cool older sister’s wine cellar. The shop is welcoming and relaxed but also a bit cheeky. It oozes warmth, much like owner  Jocelyn Moodie herself, a professionally trained chef and a mom of three children. 

Because the wine and spirits shop is small, Moodie is selective about what she stocks.

“We focus almost exclusively on small production wines and spirits. Except for a few brands that we carry for customer courtesy, we want to offer wines and spirits that are being produced on a small scale and in a sustainable manner,” Moodie says.

While you’ll find many small brands in the shop, Moodie’s shop is not intimidating. She  tries hard to cater to everyone by offering different price points, and the knowledgeable staff is always willing to help you pick out something.

“My first love was cooking, but what I have found is that many of the things I am passionate about in food, like locality, farming, and sustainability, are also relevant to wine. It has definitely been a personal journey for me, one that I am still on, and I hope to continue to shape the store in a way that represents my overall interests in food and wine culture,” Moodie says.

Tipsy Duck

Beyond the Beaten Path

We almost don’t want to tell you about Beyond the Beaten Path because we want to keep its mix of vintage and new treasures all to ourselves. 

“It’s a funky store, people love it, it’s eclectic,” Weiss says.

Weiss curates the boutique with items she makes, repurposes or finds on shopping trips out to California, among other places. You’ll want to take your time wandering around the shop, as you never know what type of hidden gems you’ll find. There is beautiful furniture, handmade jewelry, and vintage clothing that designers, including Ralph Lauren, have used as inspiration or even reproduced for their own lines and so much more.  But if you see something you love you better scoop it up.

“A lot of it is one-of-a-kind,” Weiss says.

Eastport’s Little Secret

We bet you can’t walk out of Eastport’s Little Secret empty-handed. Faye Michaelides’s fabulous little shop is a must-stop if you’re in need of a gift (for yourself or someone else). You’ll find classic, timeless jewelry pieces, clothing but also housewares like beautiful platters and soy-based candles, and the children’s section is one of the best in the area. There are baby clothes to gift your expecting friend and stuffed animals and other kids’ toys to give your nieces and nephews. Plus, if you are in need of a gift and have no idea what to get, Michaelides and the staff are sweethearts and more than willing to help. Did we mention they’ll wrap?

Olish Farms Country Market and Bakery

You want a pie, trust us. From the strawberry rhubarb to the peach berry to sugar-free blueberry, it’s impossible to go wrong with one of Olish Farms Country Market and Bakery pies. But while the pies will likely bring you into the little shop, you’ll find yourself quickly becoming friends with the lovely staff as you pick up more and more goods while wandering around, like gorgeous hanging flower baskets, homemade dog treats and, of course, fresh produce. Many Hamptons locals swear there is no better tomato than an Olish tomato.