Harbor Market and Kitchen Launches Easy, Excellent Online Ordering

Photo by Doug Young

When it comes to the past 365-ish days, there is not much to crow about. Restaurants have suffered incalculable losses, and many of us are so far removed from traditional dining that we forget what it’s like to lose the night over candles, wine, and spectacular food. 

But if the pandemic proved anything beyond sheer resilience, it’s how desperately we needed a technological upgrade. In an era when the most salient communication is often sent by text, why wasn’t there a way to grab the phone and send an order in digitally, after all? 

Among the many dining spots that have converted to a digital ordering platform during Covid is Harbor Market and Kitchen, in Sag Harbor, where breakfast, lunch, and in-between needs can now be met with the press of a button. Until 2:00 p.m. every day, breakfast is on the digital menu: an egg frittata breakfast sandwich, organic corn tortilla with black beans and fried egg, ranchero bowl with plantains, avocado toast, omelet, coconut yogurt bowl, waffle with mixed berries, steel-cut oats, and even a scrambled tofu breakfast bowl. 

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For lunch, there are sandwiches, prepared salads (quinoa, wood-roasted cauliflower, French green lentil, grilled balsamic mushroom, tuna, fruit), prepared foods (tortilla, miso-glazed salmon, roast chicken, kabobs), and even superlative pizza (margherita, wild mushroom, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, and vongole). Those in need of a hot plate of food can opt, too, for chili, macaroni and cheese, or even and manner of special—recently featured: linguine with clams. 

But online ordering is not reserved for the breakfast and lunch diner. Snackers will enjoy knowing that a full roster of beverages, chips, and pastries are available at Harbor Market and Kitchen, too. Come for the pizza, stay (nearby) for the individual fruit cobbler, the rice pudding, the pain au chocolat, the kitchen sink cookie, the tahini chocolate brownie, the key lime pie. Wash it down with a turmeric or matcha latte, or even a pressed juice—think elderberry, turmeric, and greens. 

If you’ve run out of fresh produce at home, you can grab that here as well. Harbor Market and Kitchen is truly that: a market. A slim-but-perfect roster of fruits and vegetables is readily available, in case you’re in need of a one-stop shopping experience. So pull out your smart phone and get your thumbs ready for a too easy dining experience. Shopping local has never been this foolproof.