In Greenport, Green Hill Kitchen Debuts The BBQ Kits Of Our Dreams

Photo courtesy of Green Hill Kitchen

The new year is here and we’re wondering: Will we ever be able to go back to that old, restorative way of life? Some dining questions hang like question marks, but one thing remains clear: the food on the East End is as delicious as ever. And restaurants, faced with the year’s coldest months, are continuing to come up with more ways of providing food and service to Long Islanders who are hungry—for food, for hospitality, and for a reminder of what life looked like one long year ago.

In Greenport, at Green Hill Kitchen, that means all kinds of different ‘cue. Just in time for the big game, Chef Matty Boudreau has introduced Super Bowl-friendly Big Game Party Kits, which can be ordered online starting January 10, will feature wings, sliders, racks of ribs, buckets of beers, and cocktail kits.

But if you prefer your ‘cue in a restaurant setting, Green Hill has heated outdoor seating, where you can enjoy the best that Long Island has to offer. Chef Boudreau, himself an award-winning barbecue pit master, offers smoked prime brisket, Memphis-style honey-brushed ribs, Carolina-style pulled pork, smoked jackfruit, and hot and sweet smoked and grilled wings.

Green Hill has a fully operational take-out system, so you can indulge in all their offerings in person or at home.

And if you like your meat between pieces of bread, the restaurant can accommodate that, too. The smash burger comes with cheddar, shredded lettuce, tomato, and onions, and jalapeños. A smoked prime brisket sandwich comes on a sesame seed bun, with Boudreau’s championship red sauce. The fried chicken sandwich, on a potato bun, is complemented by a house kraut, as well as by a chipotle aioli. Pulled pork sliders are a little bit sweet, owing to their Hawaiian sweet buns and creamy slaw. And vegan-friendly smoked jackfruit sandwiches, served with harbor sauce and a spicy cabbage-jalapeño slaw, make a compelling argument for skipping the meat.

You can skip the meat (or embrace it fully) in person or at home, since Green Hill has a fully operational take-out system, too. If you’re taking your food to your own heated patio, the drinks are available to go, too: consider a sunrise margarita, with tequila, orange, lime, and agave, or the smoked gimlet, with in-house smoked gin, lime, and agave. But whatever your poison (and wherever you choose to imbibe it), 2021 is a good time to start considering the generous offerings of the barbecue pit. If not now, we say, then when?

For more information, please visit Green Hill Kitchen’s website.