The Channing Daughters Cure: Courage (And Wine), Dear Heart

After blending the wine, the Channing Daughters team began brainstorming about the name and label. All that seemed appropriate was “Heart.”

At the end of May, amidst quarantine, we had an idea and acted quickly to bring it to life. We wanted to make a new Channing Daughters wine, taking advantage of the wonderful raw materials we had in the cellar and produce a new symphonic white blend from the 2019 vintage. A response to our current situation. A wine that over-delivered deliciousness and joy and celebrated our winery and our community in a way that would help our small business survive. 

After blending the wine, we began brainstorming about the name and label. All that seemed appropriate was “Heart.” The idea, the word, the image, the love, the organ, the metaphor, the abstraction. We imagined a series of labels inspired by “heart” and Channing Daughters Winery. We wanted 12 different labels of love and heart to adorn the wine and fill the case. We wanted local artists, deeply connected to us and the winery (people we would actually want to hug, if allowed, and had the chance to see during quarantine). So we asked a dozen stellar humans-cum-local-artists to create special artwork for this wine inspired by “heart”.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with what they all came up with, and with this gem of a wine and the joy and beauty created by this collaboration with our community and friends. We hope it brings the same joy and deliciousness and love and heart into your world and home. 

Artists Adam Baranello, Philippe Cheng, Mindy Dubin, Jameson Ellis, Marilee Foster, Daniel Gonzales, Lindsay Morris, Jill Musnicki, Ann Fristoe Stewart, Bill Stewart, James Christopher Tracy and Almond Zigmund all participated and contributed to “Heart.” For more information on this special release, please visit the winery’s website.