Meet the Local Tech Company Feeding Long Island During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Peeko Oysters founder uses BusRight to coordinate his deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keith Corso and Chris Fischer never intended to operate a local delivery service. When the two childhood friends conceived of BusRight three years ago, their idea was to bring transparency and accountability to parents, educators, and administrators. BusRight, as they saw it, was a platform that could help monitor school buses, offering an added safety element in the education sphere and, of course, added peace of mind to parents.

“It grew out of frustration from being high school students,” Keith Corso recently said. “We took our interest in technology and our passion for increasing school bus safety and efficiency and built BusRight. We set out to solve problems for school bus safety and efficiency. There just seemed to be a lack of communication between the rider, the families, the school bus schedules, and the district.”

Like most Americans, however, neither Corso nor Fischer could have predicted a shutdown of the school system, rendering their idea temporarily paralyzed. BusRight, like so many other American businesses, was suddenly on pause.

BusRight may have been in a holding pattern as far as bus routing and tracking was concerned, but their story does not end there. With restaurants closed and Americans still in need of access to local food, Corso and Fischer decided to apply their technology to the Long Island food community instead. “We realized that, not only could we use our technology to help the school buses that are delivering meals to students in need, but we could also provide our technology to small businesses, as they stand up their delivery.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, BusRight has routed, navigated, and tracked over $100,000 worth of coffee, oysters, and donuts across Long Island. The company hopes to help local businesses develop further expertise in logistics during these challenging times.

Two of the local businesses that BusRight has paired up of late with have included Sail Away Coffee Co. and Peeko Oysters. Customers have found respite from the pandemic in these luxuries, delivered straight to their doorsteps. “During such a hard time, full of the unknown, BusRight has allowed this to be something my husband and I can look forward to every week,” customer Christina LeNoble said of the coffee and donut delivery. She has had these coffee and donut packages delivered four times thus far.

Christina is one of over 1,500 customers who have downloaded the BusRight app to track the real-time delivery of their goodies

BusRight has adapted their business model to suit a changing time. And it looks like they’re succeeding. Feedback has been generous; customers are not only thankful for their oysters, coffee, donuts, and more—they’re also thankful for the user-friendly app that helps them track their goods. For their part, BusRight has been able to help boost small businesses that would have otherwise struggled to survive—and internally they’ve been rapidly testing their technology to boot, ensuring that they’ll be up and running more efficiently than ever once kids, and buses, go back to school. In a period of great uncertainty, Keith Corso and Chris Fischer just may have the winning technology platform (and access to the best local eats, to boot).

For more information on Busright, please feel free to reach out to the company’s co-founder, Keith, with any questions.