Starting 2020 with a Detox? Try These 4 Local Juices

Fresh pressed elixirs line the mini fridge at The Giving Room Market and Juice Bar in Southold. • Photo by Randee Daddona

January has arrived. So let the juicing begin! If you’re ready to give your body that full reset, we’re on board, too. With so many options for great detox juices on the East End, that liquid life isn’t even that difficult these days. Take it from us: An apple (and lemon and ginger) juice a day really does keep the doctor away. Enjoy these detox juices and live your best January.

The Green Machine at Naturally Good in Montauk

Montauk is no stranger to juicing. Naturally Good has been selling juices and smoothies for decades now. The Green Machine is an introductory level cleanser, full of carrots, kale, parsley, and celery. It’s a must-try for the passionate juice fanatic—or even for the person dipping his or her feet in for the first time in 2020.

The Carrot Juice at Provisions in Sag Harbor and Wainscott

You can now choose between two Provisions—the original, in Sag Harbor, and the recently opened Wainscott outpost. Regardless of where you end up, you’ll want to stock up on this basic-but-delicious carrot juice, which comes in two sizes and which can be amplified with a little added ginger or lemon.

The Turmeric Water at The Giving Room in Southold

In Mattituck, this juice bar and yoga studio addresses health comprehensively. That’s why one of their popular drinks is this inflammation-lessening turmeric water, a lively blend of turmeric, sparkling water, lemon, and ginger. The heat from these spices and flavorings are delicious, to boot.

The Mother at Simply Sublime in East Hampton and Cutchogue

Simply Sublime has two locations: one in East Hampton and one in Cutchogue. Both sell The Mother, a 24-ounce mix of juiced lemon, lime, ginger, and turmeric, blended with honey, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, filtered water, and lots of ice. It’s not hard to see why this is called The Mother, since it really is the mother of all healthy beverages.