Edible Eat of the Week: Clandestine Cocktails at Black Llama Bar in Greenport

black llama greenport

Greenport is an embarrassment of riches—and Black Llama is a nice addition to its wealth. • Photo courtesy of Black Llama Bar

The Eat: Oysters and cocktails in a stylized space.

The Place: Black Llama Bar in Greenport.

The Story: The bar looks like a disco ball, and that’s a good thing. Black Llama Bar, the newest project from Brent Pelton and Alex Vinash—co-owners of Greenport’s American Beech—is all about that look. Hexagonal green, black, and white floor tiles meet brass bar stools in a bar that draws from the glossy, playful 1970s. In the zebra room, a room wallpapered with, well, zebras, pop art reigns. But go, of course, not just for the bright, eclectic décor. Go for the food and drink.

The new bar, said Alex Vinash, has two outdoor terraces, a curated list of craft cocktails, a tapas menu, and oysters. In summer, the bar will open a window out to the terrace specifically dedicated to the best bivalve of Greenport. For the cooler months, it is, to quote Vinash, a “very cozy place.”

Of course, it isn’t just cozy, per se. It’s glamorous, and a little kitschy, and bursting with aspiration. If the modern cocktail bar feels a little too subdued, Black Llama Bar is the antidote to that, with color and a decorator’s flair everywhere. Marry that sense of design with a dozen or so ice-cold local oysters and you have a recipe for success.

Stirling Square is already home to 1943 Pizza Bar, Brix & Rye, and, of course, American Beech, so the addition of Black Llama Bar cements this corner of Greenport as a destination when it comes to all things food and drink. This is a cool spot that’s only getting cooler by the minute. So cozy up to that disco bar this offseason and enjoy the food and atmosphere that Black Llama Bar has to offer.

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