Rosie’s Serves Excellent, Farm-Forward Food in Amagansett

Photo courtesy of Rosie’s

Rosie’s in Amagansett is the best place you’ve never heard of. 

And that doesn’t quite make sense. 

It’s not the location, because it’s right on Main Street. It’s certainly not the menus, which boast—get this—daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from seven in the morning until the restaurant closes. The food is fresh. The restaurant literally has a stake in a farm, since Bhumi Farm farmer-owner Frank Trentacoste is one of Rosie’s co-owners. So why don’t you know about Rosie’s? And why didn’t I?

Photo courtesy of Rosie’s

Amagansett suffers, sometimes, from the curse of the forgotten. It is neither East Hampton nor Montauk, languishing somewhere in between. If you don’t live there, it’s a drive-through town, the road that carries you through, en route to somewhere else. But Rosie’s should make you stop and reevaluate. Breakfast is a quick, thoughtful mash-up of Hamptons hits: a take on a breakfast burrito, avocado toast (of course), egg sandwich, granola with yogurt, chia and coconut pudding, and the whole enchilada (by which I mean eggs, bacon, pancakes, and whatever else a hungry, possibly hungover person might be expecting at breakfast). 

Lunch is more reserved and sophisticated, with raw fish options, salads straight from the farm, grain bowls and pastas, simple-but-grounded sandwiches (don’t get me started on the chicken schnitzel sandwich with black garlic mayonnaise and celery slaw), and a handful of sides. At dinner, it’s bistro fare, with a smart potted duck rillete leading things off and a brick chicken with scallion crepes singing the closing hymn. I have confessed my love, on many occasion, for the unfancy Eton mess, and Rosie’s has their own version, currently served with rhubarb, cream, and rose meringue. Remind me, again, how I didn’t know about this place? Shame on me. Shame on us all. 

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