Edible Eat of the Week: Pork Butt Carnitas Tacos at tt’s Montauk

tt's montauk tacos

Photo courtesy of tt’s Montauk

Welcome to the sixth Edible Eat of the Week! A recurring series, Edible Eat of the Week celebrates the bounty of the East End by showcasing special, seasonal eats and the people who make them. 

The Eat: Tacos for everybody.

The Place: tt’s in Montauk.

The Story: When the iconic Dave’s Grill moved on from the Montauk Harbor a few summers back, it was unclear whether or not the space would really recover. It seems that a sensible option has finally moved in, serving something that Montauk really, really needed down by the docks: tacos. At tt’s Montauk, there are tons of tacos to choose from, because tacos are the name of the game. And while the list of shareable plates are substantial and delicious (think pico de gallo, chickpea-mushroom salsa, guacamole, local ceviche, street corn, and queso with chorizo), you really came here for the tacos, and maybe for an ice-cold, tequila-based beverage. 

Lettuce-wrapped tacos come with two types of fillings: Montauk lobster and local tuna. The snackable sizes are $7 and $6 apiece, respectively. There are grilled and fried fish tacos, Balsam Farms vegetable tacos, tofu chorizo tacos, adobo chicken tacos, pork butt carnitas tacos, brisket with salsa verde tacos, seared steak tacos, and lengua tacos. All in all, you won’t run out of options. It’s hard to narrow this Eat of the Week down to a single taco when there are so many. I will say, however, that I’m extremely happy to see tongue on the menu this far east, an ingredient that I love and that I see with rarity on this side of the canal. Welcome to the East End, lengua! Tongue tacos are the absolute best, and you should definitely add them to your roster of must-eat tacos, if you haven’t already. 

So head out to tt’s, where you can eat your weight in tacos. It doesn’t have to be a Tuesday; it can be any old day of the week. 

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