These Locally Made Burgers Are ‘Complete’ Without Meat

Photo courtesy of Complete Burger

Jessica Taccone, the mind behind the Sag Harbor-based company Complete Burger, is not a vegan—but sometimes she plays one in the kitchen. A winter spent experimenting has yielded an incredible result, a burger that is not only a vegan option, but is also a complete source of protein that does not sacrifice flavor.  Taccone’s business partner is Drei Donnelly, a close friend and former vegan who tasted the product and urged her to put them on the market.

The Complete Burger, which is available for purchase at Sag Harbor’s Cromer’s Market, Montauk’s Market, Shelter Island’s Vine Street Market, Montauk’s Balsam Market, Water Mill’s Green Thumb Organic Farm, and North Sea Farms, and is on the menu at the new Montauk Circle Burger, actually holds together on the grill and flattop, just like actual meat. Because the meat can be thawed and crumbled, it’s a good substitute for ground beef in other iterations. Think sloppy Joe’s, pasta Bolognese, lasagna, meatballs, tacos, or whatever else your meat-craving heart desires. 

The Complete Burger is made from shiitake mushrooms, black beans, lentils, red quinoa, gluten-free oat flour, garlic, red onion, assorted spices, Tabasco, water, flaxseed, and olive oil. Each box contains six six-ounce frozen patties, but they are also available by the case—twelve to a case. They can be (and should be) cooked from frozen. Complete Burgers can be grilled, pan-seared, or baked. Ms. Taccone can ship burgers, which are sent frozen overnight, but she also offers free local delivery for those living within ten miles of Sag Harbor. 

Last year, the Impossible Burger rose to fame, but that company has been fraught with problems. Here is an alternative to meat from a Long Island local with a true plant-based option that provides protein, flavor, and texture—a true trifecta. If you haven’t tried them already, you should totally get on that. Boxes are $15.95 before shipping, and a case of 12 is $191.88. Find them here: