Summer 2019 is the Summer of Tequila at Bridgehampton’s Almond

Photo by Lindsay Morris

For the folks at Almond Bridgehampton, Summer 2019 is the Summer of Tequila. Due to popular demand, co-owner Eric Lemonides has dedicated the restaurant’s entire cocktail menu for the summer to tequila and tequila cocktails. Almond bartenders Bobby Weissleder and Michael Christenson have collaborated to develop a menu of six tequila drinks, all of which have been batched and are ready to go. The cocktails, batched and in all their displayable glory, are in residence behind the bar at Almond, featured in oversized mason jars. 

Here’s what ambitious drinkers can expect to find during the Summer of Tequila: 

The Same ‘ol Same ‘ol, a blend of El Jimador Blanco, Combier, fresh lime, and salt; the La Paloma, featuring Don Julio Blanco, fresh grapefruit juice, lime, agave nectar, and a splash of club soda; the Mojito Margarita, with El Jimador Blanco, Diplomatico Rum, mint, and lime; the Oaxaca Old Fashioned, a spicy mix of Milagro Reposado, Montelobos Mezcal, agave nectar, and orange bitters; the Rosalita (Jump a Little Higher), made with Casamigos Reposado, Mezcal, Antica, Campari, and bitters; and the Chilled Shot, which is literally just two ounces of Casamigos Silver, served “cold af.” Extra points to whoever can identify which Springsteen album Rosalita is on (Daughter of Springsteen fanatic and New Jersey native footnote here: The song is actually called “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)”.)

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Summer of Tequila drinks fall somewhere in the $14 to $20 range, so file that under “Hamptons affordable.” Not to name names, but I’ve had Montauk piña coladas for less. Is this the Summer of Tequila? There’s no reason why it can’t be. With Almond’s ever-rotating menu specials—among other things, they are known for their nightly plats du jour—dinner is never repetitive. And, from the looks of things, your tequila drink doesn’t have to be, either.