Satur Farms Releases New Line of Organic Salad Dressings

Satur Farms salad dressing

Photo courtesy of Satur Farms

Satur Farms is renowned for their specialty salads, leafy vegetables and herbs—with their spinach and salad mixes sold everywhere from the East End to Whole Foods markets throughout the New York Metro area—but soon, they’ll be known for something else: salad dressing.

Made at Stony Brook University’s Business Incubator at Calverton, Satur Farms’ salad dressings are much like the farm’s salad mixes themselves: local and made responsibly. There are four flavors in all—White Truffle, Spicy Asian, Honey Balsamic and Citrus—and all are made by Eberhart Müller, the revered chef who owns Satur Farms with his wife, Paulette Satur. They’re also all organic.

“There is very high demand for dressings that are made with fresh organic premium ingredients,” says Satur. “We aim to disrupt the refrigerated dressing section in markets with our dressings, which means producing a product particularly appealing to the health-conscious consumer and one presented in innovative packaging. Therefore, in addition to being superbly delicious, our dressings will be organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made exclusively with ‘clean’ ingredients by real farmers.”

The dressings are also sold in innovative packaging. Inside each resealable bag of dressing are six single-serve, one-ounce pouches—making Satur’s the perfect choice for all your picnic plans this summer.

“The packaging will set us apart,” says Satur. “We portion our dressings into one-ounce, single serve pouches, and pack six of the pouches in a master bag. These one-ounce portioned pouches mean no food waste, no messy expired dressing bottles; they are convenient, travel easily to work or leisure, are pre-portioned for calorie counters, and are light for shipping. Ultra-premium dressings in single-serving pouch packaging is new territory.”

Less new, of course, is the reasoning behind Satur Farms’ expansion into salad dressings. Farmers are increasingly turning to value-added products to survive—especially on the East End, where business costs and real estate realities are extremely unfriendly to farmers.

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What better choice for Satur Farms, renowned for its salads, than dressings?

“To emphasize that we are indeed a farm, photos of our salad greens front our dressing packages,” says Satur. “The back of the bag explains who we are and highlights the clean ingredients, all to assure the consumer total transparency. Our dressings will help contribute to the sustainability of our farm by creating a steady revenue stream year-round.”

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