You Won’t Want to Miss This Star-Crossed Celebration in Greenport

The Lin Beach House will host a ZODIAC party on Saturday, April 27.

Dining and astrology are not too far from each other. When we first meet someone, whether friend, foe or lover, there lies a maze of questions we ask each another in order to gain better insight on the person sitting opposite us at the dinner table. Often times, those answers can be divisive, and even disqualifying. But something as innocuous as your birth date can be telling to many, despite where you come from or how old you may be. Astrology today seeks to understand and start heartfelt dialogues in place of the idle chatter against the smoke screens of our first greetings and mild pleasantries. And isn’t that a good reason to throw a party?

The validity of astrology against the backdrop of cosmology and geography is questionable. That said; there is something to be said about the proliferation of Taurus signs out here on the North Fork. In honor of the gaiety of Spring and the questionably large number of Taurus signs on this end of the island, Elizabeth Sweigart, Madison Fender, and myself invite you to the first annual ZODIAC party at The Lin Beach House in Greenport on Saturday, April 27 from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. If you’re a Taurus: Happy Birthday! And if you’re not, it doesn’t matter; it’s for everyone!

ZODIAC party attendees are invited to dress in styles that reflect their sign—and #touchtheirselfies.

Get funky, and dress your sign! There are no limits. The Times Vintage in Greenport is offering 20% off towards your outfit if you mention the ZODIAC event. While you’re there, pick up your drink ticket towards our complimentary “Running With The Bulls” cocktail, a Taurus themed gin spirit courtesy of Matchbook Distilling Co. Birth chart readings will be available throughout the evening with Emily McDonald at $20 per mini session from Chrysalis Holistic Healing. Chrysalis will also be providing live Tibetan Sound Bowls for your bliss and pleasure beginning at 8:00 pm following DJ sets by Jordan Robin of LOVER and Han Ka [Brooklyn].

Clarke’s Garden will provide floral ephemera for beauty and for grounding. And finally, Chef Cheo Avila of Kon Tiki at The Gallery Hotel will curate a ZODIAC tasting menu inspired by his recent travels across South America and own birth chart. For his moon sign, he will prepare a perfectly themed Taurus Tongue: a braised bull tongue taco on a corn tortilla complimented with rattlesnake chile beef jus, red radish, and cilantro. His chart will be available a la carte at the bar.

Also present at the ZODIAC party will be a tasting menu prepared by Chef Cheo Avila

The most beautiful and exciting things are always what occurs subconsciously at our periphery. We invite you to step beyond your comfort zone past the downtown of Greenport. You just need to walk a little further. Or call Doug! You can ride with Doug Saturday night. His taxi service will be available that evening offering $5.00 shuttles between The Lin Beach House and The Times Vintage between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. You can reach Doug by calling 631-507-5389.