7 Delivery Services That Will Make Your Thanksgiving Easier

Don’t want to spend Thanksgiving at the stove? You no longer have to.

What’s the best way to make your Thanksgiving holiday a breeze? Order delivery, of course. 2018 has ushered in some truly top-notch home delivery services, which are making pulling off the Thanksgiving to Beat All Thanksgivings a real no-brainer. Wondering which delivery service is right for you and your family? Or if you should commit to more than just one? Here’s the low down on what’s headed your way this November.

Peapod By Stop & Shop

Do you live in Montauk and consider yourself in no man’s land when it comes to grocery delivery? Are you in need of a delivery service on the days when it is—and, more importantly—isn’t Thanksgiving? Peapod to the rescue! Stop & Shop’s delivery service allows you to make all of your choices online. The grocery store’s organic line, Nature’s Promise, is comprehensive, and the delivery system is easy (choose your time window at checkout). Best of all, new customers enjoy $20 off their order, plus free delivery for 60 days. No hassle and no surcharge? Consider us sold.



“Where farmer’s market meets online grocery,” the tagline reads, and they’re not at all wrong. The company began several years ago but is only now catering to families on Long Island’s East End. A comprehensive online platform offers seasonal selections of thousands of items, from dairy to meat to fresh produce. Each item is identified from the farm it comes from—and all farms are located within the TriState area. A whole, 12-pound, cage-free turkey from DiPaola Turkey Farms will set you back about $60—an extremely reasonable price, considering the convenience. OurHarvest even sells pantry items, spices, and household cleaners, for those looking for a one-stop shopping option for the big day. And, for every order over $25, OurHarvest donates a meal to a food pantry.


Rustic Roots

This organic home delivery service provides soup-to-nuts service for all of Long Island, perfect for your holiday needs. Produce changes seasonally, as does poultry availability; during the holiday season, the company offers a pasture-raised turkey from Hemlock Hill Farm for $125 (size ranges from 12 to 15 pounds). Temperature-sensitive items are delivered in returnable coolers—you’ll pay a one-time cooler fee of $22, which is refunded after the cooler has been returned. East End deliveries take place on Wednesdays, so you’ll still have time to prepare everything in time for your holiday dinner.



To be fair, D’Artagnan—the king of fine meats—does not cover all the bases when it comes to home delivery, but you’ll at least be able to sleep soundly knowing that your pantry is stocked and your bird is en route. Come November, the company offers heritage breed and organic turkeys, which are delivered right to your home in time for the holiday. Orders are shipped via Federal Express Overnight, in protective cooler packaging. You can choose your delivery date up to 30 days in advance, giving you ample opportunity to plan when to tackle that bird. And although these birds don’t come cheap, there’s no question that they’re among the finest around.


Goodale Farms

And what about a local farm that provides everything but the bird? Well, that’s Riverhead’s Goodale Farms to a tee. The Goodale home delivery service costs $100 per week, billed monthly at the beginning of each month, but you can suspend delivery whenever you like. A family membership includes your choice of four dairy products, ten fruits and vegetables, and five pounds of pastured meats (chicken, pork, and beef), more than enough food to satisfy a crowd. Plus, you can keep your membership active all year round, meaning less time spent at the grocery store.


Balsam Farms

This season, Amagansett’s Balsam Farms spearheaded its own delivery service, providing locally grown produce, flowers, bakery items, cheese and eggs, canned items, and prepared foods to East Hampton and Southampton residents. The delivery minimum for the service is $150, but it’s hard to imagine spending much less than that if you’re planning to entertain a large crowd. Since Balsam only sells seasonal produce, you’ll be treated to the best of the best, from Brussels sprouts to butternut squash.


Sang Lee Farms

This North Fork institution delivers local produce, prepared foods, eggs, cheese, baked goods and more to the people of Long Island (yes, all of Long Island). Orders are processed and delivered within four days, so make sure to give yourself a head start. In addition to the produce grown on the farm and the goods prepared there, Sang Lee sells a variety of pastured meats—chicken, beef, and pork, in many incarnations. You can find pretty much everything you need for the holiday, save for the big bird, through Sang Lee, and you can trust that the food you’ll be getting is among the freshest around. Added bonus? Sang Lee is certified organic.