Introducing Lindsay Morris’s Farmer Portrait Series

Edible will be sharing Lindsay Morris’s Farmer Portraits throughout this summer. Here, she introduces her beautiful and important series with a portrait of Quail Hill Farm’s Scott Chaskey.

Scott Chaskey of Quail Hill Farm

When I find time for personal projects, I strive to make a community connection. As an offshoot of my current project, Meet Your Neighbor, where I am getting acquainted with and taking portraits of my immediate neighbors, I am also making contact with farmers on the North and South forks of Long Island.

These portraits capture Long Island farmers as they step away from the sun-warmed soil, often weary from the day’s work, with a film of dirt on their skin and clothes, and onto my backdrop. To gaze into the eyes of a local farmer is to make a connection between the food that we eat and the person who not only grows it but also wrestles daily with the serious questions that face our food system.

Nature demands a lot from our farmers, and as a result the men and women responsible for growing our food are constantly learning and re-learning the best practices to serve her. They are scientists and artists; their lab coats and easels traded for the abundance that grows on the East End. When I close my eyes and imagine the shapes and textures of innovation, I don’t see wires and robots and screens. I see them.




Born and raised in suburban Detroit, Lindsay Morris’ passion for photography began at age 18 when she was given her first camera while spending a year in South Africa as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. In college, she returned to Africa with the School for International Training and spent a semester documenting the radically changing lives of the people of the Lamu Archipeligo in Kenya. Her photographic career course detoured in the ’90s when she launched her own line of responsibly made women’s clothing, which she designed and had produced in India, China and New York, but she found herself drawn back to her original art medium. Since 2006, she has been photo editor for Edible East End magazine. Lindsay’s work has been published in the New York Times Magazine (cover story), Marie Claire, Elle, Internazionale, GEO Germany, Photo District News, Loupe (Boston University), Haaretz Israel, Amnesty International and Sunday Life Australia (cover story) and has been featured on photography blogs Fraction, Slate/Behold and NBC She was a 2013 Critical Mass finalist and nominee for the 2013 Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado and the Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago. She will publish her first book in November 2014 with Kehrer Verlag.