5 Rosé Cocktails to Celebrate Summer

Photos by James Ransom/FOOD52

We’re longtime fans of Food52, aka a community of cooks and eaters exchanging recipes, ideas and more. They’re one of our home cooking go-tos and we’re republishing select new pieces to highlight some useful ideas and techniques.

Today: The ladies behind the meme-turned-brand Yes Way Rosé, Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, think everything’s coming up rosé this summer. We asked them to come up with five easy summertime cocktails featuring their favorite pink drink.

It’s no secret that we think rosé is the best beverage ever. Crisp, dry, and the most beautiful pale pink color, it’s really the ideal summer wine. While rosé is plenty perfect on its own, sometimes it’s fun to shake things up. Since we see rosé as a reflection of laid-back summertime vibes, any cocktail made with it needs to have that same casual-cool feel.

Photos by James Ransom/FOOD52

Using only ten ingredients, we’ve created these five simple and refreshing cocktails (with a little help from our pals at Club W) that will both complement the wine and provide a season’s worth of knockout Instagram posts. So lay these ten ingredients out at your next party, let guests play bartender, and they’ll end up with the following five great drinks:

The ingredients:

  • rosé
  • sparkling water
  • frozen grapes
  • gin
  • tequila
  • strawberries
  • lime juice
  • mint
  • vodka
  • simple syrup

The cocktails (follow the links for the recipes):

Super Simple Rosé Spritzer: frozen grapes, rosé, and sparkling water

Vodka Rosé Spritzer: rosé, vodka, sparkling water, lime juice, and strawberry

Rosé Gimlet: lime juice, gin, rosé, and simple syrup

Strawberry Gin-Rosé Smash: strawberries, mint, gin, rosé, and sparkling water

Rosé-a-rita: rosé, tequila, lime juice, salt

From left to right: Super Simple Rosé Spritzer, Vodka Rosé Spritzer, Rosé Gimlet, Strawberry Gin-Rosé Smash, and Rosé-a-rita.

This article originally appeared on FOOD52