Eat Me, Drink Me is Ready to Turn Our Food Truck Derby into a Wonderland

Eat Me, Drink Me always draws a line. Their fries are worth the wait.

The Eat Me, Drink Me truck and Edible East End have something in common: We both count our annual Food Truck Derby as our favorite event of the year. (We also happen to count Eat Me, Drink Me’s hand-cut fries as our favorite-ever, so the love is mutual, but we can talk about that at the Derby on Friday—preferably with couple of fries in our hands.)

Because, yes, when our 6th Annual Food Truck Derby returns this Friday, August 11, Eat Me, Drink Me will be serving up their famous fries—and beignets two ways. Forget “never having to say you’re sorry,” true love is serving people french fries and beignets. You can quote us on that.

We spoke with Eat Me, Drink Me’s Michelle Panciarello about how she and her team are preparing for the Food Truck Derby, what they’ll be serving, and what they’re most looking forward to about the event. Here’s what she said.

Edible East End: How did the story of your food truck begin? When did you get started?
Michelle Panciarello:
 We started in June of 2012, but our first event was actually the Edible East End Food Truck Derby! Baptism by fire, haha. My best friend Jessica and I had gone as spectators to the first Derby. I was looking to get into the culinary field. Before we went to the Derby, I was baking event cakes and favors for planners etc., but cooking daily for family and friends, so I was on the fence with which direction I was going to go. After the Derby, I knew I had to get a truck. I started planning the next day, and was part of the Derby the following year!

EEE: What is your favorite part of owning a food truck?
My favorite part is the camaraderie. Instead of being in competition with other truck owners, we’re more of a family. Some of my closest friends are truck owners.

EEE: Is there anything you think people would be surprised to learn about owning and operating a food truck on Long Island?
I think people would be surprised to hear how difficult it actually is. The rules, regulations, event organizers charging astronomical fees to be a part of their events. Towns and chambers wanting their piece too. Everyone has their hand out for money. Makes this industry a lot more difficult than it has to be.

EEE: Is this your first year participating in Edible East End’s Food Truck Derby? If not, how many previous derbies have you participated in?
This is actually my 5th Derby! We treat the Derby as our “birthday”, so this year we’ll have a little gift for each person that visits our big blue truck!

EEE: What will you be serving? (Or is it a secret?)
 Ee’re serving black garlic fries, and another fry variety TBD on the blue truck (Optimus) and we believe we’re going with a sweet treat on the purple truck (Bumblebee). We have some more recipe testing to do before we’re set.

EEE: And finally, what are you most looking forward to about the event?
We’re most looking forward to the smiles, seeing truck friends we only get to see at Derby, the energy of the Derby. It’s our absolute FAVORITE Event of the year!!! We can’t wait!

Enjoy Eat Me, Drink Me—and so much more—at Edible East End’s 6th Annual Food Truck Derby on Friday, August 11 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Bridgehampton. Tickets are $65 per person for adults and $20 per person for children. All tickets are available for purchase now on the event’s website.