Just Wait Until You See What Blondie’s Bake Shop is Serving at Our Food Truck Derby

Our 6th annual Food Truck Derby is just over 2 weeks away and we’re so excited we’re dancing, singing, and acting as if our names were Neil Patrick Harris—who, according to the owner of the Blondie’s Bake Shop truck, is the ultimate triple threat.

Now, we hate to disagree with one of our Derby’s participating food trucks, but we think the real triple threat when our Derby rolls into Bridgehampton on August 11 will be what Blondie’s Bake Shop is planning on serving: Their aptly named “Triple Threat Brownies.” (Be still our tongues and hearts.)

We spoke with Blondies Bake Shop’s own Jess Kennaugh about how she and her team are preparing for the Food Truck Derby, what they’ll be serving, and what they’re most looking forward to about the event. Here’s what she said.

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It's a shark attack!

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Edible East End: How did the story of your food truck begin? When did you get started?
Jess Kennaugh:
 One of the very few things I knew about owning a business was the importance of location. Location. Location. Location. At that point a food truck made sense since its location could be anywhere and quickly changed with the turn of a key and a tank full of gas. The truck was originally meant to be the bulk of the business. The more research I did however, the more I realized it made sense to have a shop as well. They both started around the fall of 2011.

EEE: What is your favorite part of owning a food truck?
I still love seeing people get excited over the novelty of a cupcake truck.

EEE: Is there anything you think people would be surprised to learn about owning and operating a food truck on Long Island?
JK: I was surprised to learn how much hard physical labor is involved and how many restrictions and limitations food trucks face. Both of which make perfect sense in hindsight, but still… It’s not nearly as easy and carefree as movies make it seem.

EEE: Is this your first year participating in Edible East End’s Food Truck Derby? If not, how many previous derbies have you participated in?
JK: This will be our 5th year participating. It’s crazy how time flies and how far we’ve come. I’m so glad this event has been a constant!

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little lime bundts. lovely

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EEE: What will you be serving? (Or is it a secret?)
JK: We’ll be stocking the truck with our Triple Threat Brownie (or in our kitchen, the Neil Patrick Harris—since he really is the ultimate triple threat). It’s a chocolate chip cookie stacked with an oreo and a brownie. Three treats in one!

EEE: And finally, what are you most looking forward to about the event? 
JK: It’s toward the end of the food truck season, so it’s sort of an unofficial end of the year celebration for food truck drivers. It’s a fantastic community full of really excellent, hard working people. Plus, it’s fun to hand out food that we’re proud of to people who are excited to eat it!

Enjoy Blondie’s Bake Shop—and so much more—at Edible East End’s 6th Annual Food Truck Derby on Friday, August 11 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Bridgehampton. Tickets are $65 per person for adults and $20 per person for children. All tickets are available for purchase now on the event’s website.