This Summer, Sip the Smoothest Tequila on the East End

It’s always smooth-sailing with Tequila Herradura Ultra. • Photo courtesy of Brown-Forman

Summer is finally here and we’re ready for all that entails: Montauk, beaches, bathing suits, lobster rolls, and tequila—preferably sipped pool-side.

Which is why we’re so excited about Tequila Herradura Ultra, the smoothest tequila on the East End this summer (or anywhere, anytime). First released in the United States just two years ago, Tequila Herradura Ultra premiered in New York last May and has already found a cult following from Westhampton to The End.

“It’s just so good,” says Brown-Forman Field Marketing Manager Talia Fluger. “People cannot believe how smooth it is.”

Intended to be a sipping tequila, Tequila Herradura Ultra is the perfect drink for high-energy occasions. To enjoy it properly, all you need is a glass and some ice. (Your body will thank you for passing on all the sugary mixers.)

The ocean may never be crystal clear up here, but Tequila Herradura Ultra always is.

“Our core expressions are all very complex tequilas,” says Fluger. “One thing that is true across all of our expressions is that we like to create a complex flavor profile. We like to be innovative, too, which is how Tequila Herradura Ultra came about. It’s the perfect blend of our premium Añejo and Extra Añejo barrels, filtered through activated charcoal. So it’s an aged tequila, but it’s crystal clear.”

The process is so innovative that the governing body behind tequila—the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (or CRT)—is developing a new category to contain it. In 2018, Tequila Herradura Ultra will fall into a new category: Cristalino.

So long, sugary mixers! Tequila Herradura Ultra is a sipping tequila, best enjoyed neat.

“All of our tequilas have really nice notes of citrus,” says Fluger. “We make them all in such intentional, innovative ways. We naturally ferment our tequilas, so there’s no added yeast. And then, once we start aging them in our barrels, they acquire nice notes of vanilla and fruit. Tequila Herradura Ultra is definitely an agave-forward tasting tequila, but to understand how smooth it is, you really have to taste it.”

And so we did. As Fluger advised, we stirred the spirit with ice, strained it neat into a glass, took a small sip, and then spent the next hour or so marveling at how Tequila Herradura Ultra—a tequila!—has absolutely no kick, just a smooth sweetness that would make the gentlest-ever shot, or most refreshing sip.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Use the map below to find it everywhere from Westhampton Beach to Montauk. Cheers to summer and Tequila Herradura Ultra!