Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian are Ready to Host the Ultimate Montauk Clambake

Raise a glass: ClambakeMTK will return on Saturday, July 8. • Photo courtesy of Dan’s

Summer is here and we’re ready to enjoy two things in abundance: Montauk and clambakes. Luckily, Dan’s Taste of Summer is here to satisfy our cravings for both.

This Saturday, July 8, Dan’s will host the 2nd annual ClambakeMTK from 8:00 to 10:30 p.m. Billed as the “ultimate seaside soiree,” the event features everything we love about summers at The End: endless eats, endless drinks, and a stunning ocean view.

Hosted by Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian at the always-gorgeous Gurney’s Resort & Spa, ClambakeMTK will invite guests to sample the best bites of both the surf and turf from Montauk to Manhattan, while toasting the beginning of another beautiful summer on the East End.

We spoke with Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian ahead of the event to find out what, as hosts, they’re most looking forward to, where they love to eat on the East End, and how they’re preparing for the big bake in MTK. Here’s what they said.

Geoffrey & Margaret Zakarian will host ClambakeMTK on Saturday, July 8. • Photo courtesy of Dan’s

Edible East End: Nothing says summer quite like Montauk—and nothing says summer cuisine quite like a clambake! What are you most excited for about ClambakeMTK: the setting or the food? (We know, it’s almost impossible to choose.)  

Geoffrey & Margaret Zakarian: The beautiful Montauk beach viewed from Gurney’s—there is nothing like it, and to be part of an event showcasing the local talent is very exciting.  We can’t wait to eat our way through all of the stations.

EEE: Do you spend a lot of time on the East End during the summer (or throughout the year)? What are some of your favorite restaurants here?  

G&MZ: When we get to Southampton we ALWAYS stop at Sant Ambroeus for a coffee, snack and ice cream, and since we are early risers we make our way to Pierre’s in Bridgehampton for breakfast before anyone has arrived. Bostwick’s Chowder House is a favorite, as well as 668 The Gig Shack, East by Northeast, and we dream all winter of the sunset from Navy Beach.

EEE: You’ve been working with Dan’s Taste of Summer for many seasons now. What do you love most about working with Dan’s?  

G&MZ: What a great team at Dan’s. They are in the media business, yet they exude hospitality in an unbelievable way—maybe they should open a hotel out here!

EEE: Have you stolen a peek at what any of the participating restaurants will be serving at ClambakeMTK? If so, could you share a little teaser?   

G&MZ: That would be cheating! We can’t tell you a word of the menu—sworn to secrecy.  Our advice is to come early to get first dibs and make an eating game plan. Plus, then you will have time to double back to your favorites.

EEE: And finally, how do you prepare to host an event like ClambakeMTK? Is there an intense training period involving lots of rosé and fresh shellfish?(And if so, how on Earth can we sign up?)   

G&MZ: We will start with espresso at Corso Coffee, first thing. Then we are going to Erika Bloom Pilates for a session to gear up and get our game face on and then after that, rosé all day! See you at the party.

Tickets for ClambakeMTK are $165 person per person. VIP tickets are available for $275 per person, and grant guests early access to the event, beginning at 7:00 p.m. For more information—or to buy your tickets—please visit the Dan’s Taste of Summer website.