Get Pumped: Here’s What’s New at Navy Beach in Montauk This Year

Photo by Noah Fecks

It’s officially open season again at Navy Beach, the Montauk restaurant dubbed a “perfect destination for summer dining” by The New York Times. Navy Beach splashed on the Montauk restaurant scene in 2010. The family-friendly waterfront restaurant offers casual coastal cuisine coupled with gorgeous sunset views. The restaurant, which emphasizes sustainable seafood and local seasonal produce, is located on a 200-foot private beach in Montauk.

Though the restaurant is entering its eighth year, there are plenty of new additions to lure back regulars and attract new ones.

Shark, Mako, Soba, and More on the Menu

Catalan Suquet • Photo by Doug Young

Expect to be able to sink your teeth into crab cakes with pickled vegetables, Korean BBQ aioli and daikon sprouts; spaghettini with cherry tomatoes, chilies, mint, ricotta, breadcrumbs (and the option to top it off with a one-pound lobster); blackened Montauk Mako shark with charred tomatillo salsa, roasted corn, tortilla crisps and avocado; Soba noodles with clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, daikon, bok choy and mushroom dashi; and, back by popular demand, local tile fish with sushi rice, goma wakame and red curry coconut sauce.  Additional items will be added throughout the spring and summer, depending on what’s fresh, seasonal, and looking good at the local markets.

“Each year to refresh the menu, we re-engineer the preparations of specific dishes, like Crab Cake prep, Roasted Salmon prep, and Mussels prep,” said co-owner Franklin Ferguson. “One of the most exciting is our seafood stew dish, which has, in the past, been influenced by the classic French bouillabaisse, Brazilian Moqueca and Catalan Suquet. This year we are excited to bring some Asian flair to the dish with soba noodles, daikon, baby bok choy and mushroom dashi to pair with our local clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari.”

After-Dinner Additions

New to the ever-changing dessert menu this season will be the addition of ice cream from Montauk’s John’s Drive In, while coffee aficionados will be pleased to hear that the restaurant will now be pouring another local favorite, Left Hand Coffee.

Global Wine Selections

Over the last seven seasons, the restaurant has become a go-to-destination for its rosé wine selections, and as a result, the restaurant will continue to expand upon its increasingly popular offerings this season, with additional large-format bottles joining the roster. This year’s list will include selections from Corsica, Sardinia, La Rioja, Sicily and of course the French regions of Loire, Provence, Bandol, Rhone, Burgundy and Champagne, while also exploring additional selections from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand and the USA.

Fresh, Festive Cocktails

The cocktail menu will include a section featuring of large-format cocktails, perfect for sharing with friends and family. The new “Pitcher Perfect” cocktails will include: Pomelo with silver tequila, grapefruit soda and lime; Lemon Cooler with vodka, lemon iced tea and thyme; and Navy Grog with light and dark rum, grapefruit orange and pineapple.

Torpedo Service

Yachters will be happy to hear that the popular “Torpedo” service that brings people from their yachts to the restaurant by boat will be back this season, with a new and larger launch running weekends from late June through Labor Day. The name is a nod to the bay in front of Navy Beach, Fort Pond Bay, the former home of the US Naval Torpedo Testing range during the World War II. Yachts anchored in Fort Pond Bay will now also be able to order delivery from the restaurant via the Eazyo app.

For more on Navy Beach, please visit their website.