Help Us Choose Our Next Cover!

We’re putting the finishing touches on our Refresh issue this week, but before we send it off to the printers, we need to choose a cover—and we want you to help us choose it!

Above are the top contenders, culled from just a few of the beautiful stories you’ll discover in the issue: on how the Farm Beyond is making forage-to-table a cultivated reality in our region; what Trump’s presidency will mean for East End farmers; and life-affirming smoothies—with or without alternative milks—at The Giving Room.

We’re so proud of the stories we’ve collected for you and can’t wait for you to read them. But before we do, we need you to help us pick the cover. Tell us: what’s your favorite image?

In order of appearance above:

  1. A Chef’s Handful of Greens — Lindsay Morris
  2. Trump Potato in Profile — Clay Williams
  3. A Farmer’s Handful of Greens — Katelyn Knapp
  4. Colorful Jars at the Giving Room — Randee Daddona
  5. Milk Bottles — Randee Daddona
  6. Greens on Counter — Melissa Henrey
  7. Farmer & Son at the Farm Beyond — Katelyn Knapp

Can’t see the form below? Vote here or send us an email!