Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


1. Handmade Ceramic Platter by SoulVesselDesigns, $120

Inspired by the beaches on the North Shore of Long Island, this platter—a piece from ceramic artist Bebe Federmann’s Long Island Waters collection—is positively dreamy. Check out Federmann’s Etsy shop to see the rest of the collection; we had a really tough time choosing just one piece.

2. Long Island Wine-Infused French Macarons by End of the Line, $10-13

End of the Line macarons are wine-infused macarons inspired by Long Island wine, and they’re made by two lifelong friends at Kitchen Co-op in Amityville. Stuff your favorite person’s stocking with End of the Line’s new five-flavor pack for a sweet bite of rosé, chocolate merlot, sauvignon blanc, orange wine and blueberry port. 

3. BugStick by Dr. Fedorenko, $26

Handcrafted in Sag Harbor, Dr. Fedorenko’s BugStick is organic and DEET-free. This balm is the real deal, and it always leaves our skin smooth and bite-free. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for your friends and families this season.

4. Make Your Own Mustard Kit by Crimson & Clove, $20

This kit contains everything you need to make your own beer mustard. Just add white or apple cider vinegar and your favorite beer or cider. All instructions are included, so grab a friend and a few beers (one for the mustard, one for each of you) and get going. Mustard won’t make itself! 

5. Long Island Cutting Board by AHeirloom, $30+

You know what pairs really well with charcuterie? Hometown pride. This cutting board by AHeirloom is the perfect marriage of both. Handmade in Brooklyn, this Long Island–shaped cutting board is made of beautiful amber-colored plywood. 

6. Battuto Ice Bucket by DBO Home, $220

The only thing that could improve this gorgeous ice bucket? A bottle of Champagne inside it. This handmade porcelain bucket features the “beaten” facets for which DBO Home’s Battuto collection is revered, as well as hand-sewn leather handles. Available in black, white and oyster (a light taupe color), this ice bucket is the perfect gift for all your bubbly, bubble-loving buds. 

7. Rough Rider Bourbon by Long Island Spirits, $35.99

At the 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Rough Rider Bourbon (made by Long Island Spirits) was awarded an outstanding score of 94, meaning “excellent” and “highly recommended.” That translates, we think, to its being an excellent, highly recommended gift for your favorite guy. We like to drink it neat or in a Boulevardier (a bourbon Negroni). 

8. Cake Knife and Server from Harbor Market and Kitchen, $32

This holiday season, not only can you have your cake and eat it, too—you can have it and eat it in style! Located right across the street from Edible headquarters in Sag Harbor, Harbor Market and Kitchen is selling these beautiful cake knives and servers ($32 each) from California. Made of solid brass with polished heads and slim, blackened handles, these serving utensils are the perfect gift for your favorite hostess or baker. 

9. Cooking with the Muses Cookbook, $39.95

Cooking with the Muse is more than just a cookbook with 150 international recipes; it’s a feast of words and images sprinkled generously with poetry. Know someone whose New Year’s Resolution is always either to cook or read more? This is the perfect gift for him. 

10. Super Sunflower Kit by Blossom Meadow Farm, $5.99

Put a big smile on a gardener’s face and help our nation’s bees when you give this Super Sunflower Kit by Blossom Meadow Farm. Kit includes Lemon Queen sunflower seeds, growing instructions and information cards on the concept of wildlife gardening, why sunflowers move with the sun, how to participate in the Great Sunflower Project (a national pollination study), and bee identification. 

11. The Shelter Island 36 Cookbook, $30

Want a taste of Shelter Island? You’re going to need this cookbook. Written by chef Jason Casey and beautifully illustrated by artist Jackie Maloney, this book is a love letter to the bountiful produce, seafood and wine on the East End.