10 (More) Things We Can’t Wait to Eat and Drink at our Food Truck Derby

A scene from last year's Food Truck Derby.

A scene from last year’s Food Truck Derby.

Yesterday, we whet your appetite with 10 Things We Can’t Wait to Eat and Drink at our Food Truck Derby. Now, with two days before the Derby to go, we’re back with more.

Here are 10 more things we’re especially looking forward to eating and drinking this Friday:

1. Smoked Hickory Pulled Pork from Rolling Smoke Grill

Because: Forget Romeo and Juliet, pulled pork and creamy coleslaw are the only star-crossed lovers we care about.

2. Cold Brew Iced Coffee from Hampton Coffee Company

Because: We love Hampton Coffee Company a latte. (Get it? We’ll be here all week).

3. Cuban Sliders from Nice Buns Slammin’ Sliders

Because: We, too, appreciate nice buns. And these sliders—made with marinated roast pork loin, ham and melted swiss cheese, dill pickles and a Dijon aioli—are to-die-for.

4. Smore’s Crepes from Whole Le Crepe


Because: Everybody loves crepes and Whole Le Crepe makes them best. Duh.

5. Beer from Brooklyn Brewery

Because: There’s nothing like cold beer on a hot summer day.

6. Coconut Drink from Anewyoricanthing

Because: We like piña coladas and supporting food trucks in the rain (or shine).

7. Pulled Chicken Sliders from Elegant Eats













Because: Elegant Eats prepares delicious, healthy treats and these sliders are no exception.

8. Tacos from Chiki-Wawa

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Because: Why not celebrate #FoodTruckFriday and #TacoTuesday at the same time?

9. Ginger Ale from Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Because: Not only is it delicious, but it helps aid digestion (which, in turn, helps make room for more food and drink).

10. Kickin’ Chicken from The Inn Spot…Out!

Because: Kickin’ Chicken is like a little black dress; it never goes out of style.

Other things we’re looking forward to? Wainscott Main’s wine keg. Yes, you read that correctly. Wainscott Main will be at our Derby with a keg of Muscadet and Tempranillo from the Gotham Project. Cynful Foods Catering will also be on-site with fried chicken, grilled shrimp, and salad. COPIA granola will be there with gluten-free granola and Rob’s Brands will be on-hand handing out chips. Wash them down with some Grown Up Soda or Coney Island Brewing Company cans.

For the complete list of all you can eat and drink at our Derby, check out the e-program here. Our Food Truck Derby will take place in Bridgehampton on Friday, August 19. Tickets start at $55 per person ($20 for kids ages 12 and under) and can be purchased online here.