Join the March of a Million Mollusks: The Moriches Bay Project Announces 2nd Annual Indiegogo Campaign

Lately, while most people are dreaming of the Powerball jackpot, members of the Moriches Bay Project are keeping their eyes — as always — on a similarly impressive sum: one million mollusks. 

That’s the small-but-mighty organization’s goal. They’ve started an Indiegogo campaign — their second — to help them meet it. The campaign will run through Sunday, January 24. As of this posting, they have raised $10,141 of their $27,500 goal.

“In our first year, we were successful raising more than $22,000, which goes an astonishingly long way in our effort to clean Moriches Bay,” says Laura Fabrizio, director and co-founder of the project.  “Our organization chooses to plant oyster gardens and eelgrass beds in the bay, which naturally filter the water. A mere donation of $1 buys as many as 10 oysters, and 10 oysters filter 500 gallons of water in just one day.”

10 oysters filter 500 gallons of water in just one day.

A donation of $10, then, will put 100 oysters in the bay (which will filter up to 5,000 gallons of water a day). Because the Moriches Bay Project’s campaign also offers incentives, a $10 donation will also score you a “Shucks” bumper sticker. A donation of $50, an MBP hat. A $100 donation, an MBP T-shirt.

Unlisted on the list of  campaign incentives, however, is the one we think is the most important: the knowledge that you are investing in our local waters, waters that bring so much pleasure to our shores (and delicious seafood to our tables).

Since its founding in 2013, the Moriches Bay Project has done so much to support this essential goal. They’ve installed more than 100,000 oysters in the bay, and have planted several eelgrass beds throughout. In 2015, the group expanded its efforts to the western end of Moriches Bay, and formed a partnership with the town of Brookhaven, which provided approximately 22,000 oysters to further the cause. Still, there’s more work to be done.


“We cannot do this without the help of the community,” says Fabrizio. “And we ask for more than donations; it is our hope that our supporters will spread the word and tell their family and friends; that is critical in the ultimate success of the Moriches Bay Project.”

For more information on how to support the Moriches Bay Project, please visit their website. To donate directly to their Indiegogo campaign and join the “Million Mollusks March to Save the Bay.”