FROZEN: Zucchini Bread, Part II


A few autumns back, I wrote about late-season zucchini and what to do with it. Recently, I thawed my last bag of frozen zucchini and baked a zucchini bread. I wasn’t sure how it would taste, in all honesty; more than a year had gone by and frost could have set in and marred the taste of the squash.

I let the bag thaw on the counter over night (in a bowl, in case of leaks), and mixed up my favorite recipe. This time, I poured the batter into a long, thin baguette tin my husband gave me several Christmases ago, greasing and flouring the pan first. The result was wonderful, with no frost-bite taste. Because of the pan shape and material, the outer edges of the loaf were a little crispy, the inside fluffy and moist. It cooked more evenly than a traditional bread pan and yielded smaller, but more, slices, and a better-looking loaf overall. I highly recommend this method of cooking.

Luckily, the exceptionally warm weather this autumn yielded an extended zucchini season and I was able to grate and freeze some more. We’ll see if they last as long as that last batch did!