Slow Food East End Wants You (to Apply to Their Master Farmer Program)


Got a masterfully green thumb? Slow Food East End is looking for you! To help grow their ever-expanding network of Edible School Gardens on the East End, Slow Food East End is currently seeking a “master farmer.” Think you’re the man or woman for the job? Read on.

Made possible by the generosity of the Joshua Levine Memorial Foundation, Slow Food East End’s Master Farmer Program exists to support the growth and expansion of the local school garden movement (in which Edible School Gardens is a pioneer). Each school garden is unique in size and scope, and need master farmers to assist in planning, installation and maintenance, as well as in the ongoing assessment of each garden’s needs and goals.

Master farmers can expect to cover approximately six schools (on either the North or South Fork), but may also work on special projects that align with their talents and skills. Successful applicants needn’t worry about getting their hands dirty either; Slow Food East End expects their master farmers to offer advice on how to promote the sustainability and success of their assigned gardens — not personally maintain them.

The partnership between Slow Food East End and Edible School Gardens is easy to comprehend; whereas the mission of the former is to create a food system that is good, clean, and fair, the mission of the latter is to teach students and their families about food, specifically how to grow and prepare it. Together, the East End enjoys a two-pronged approach to the creation—and continuation—of an increasingly mindful, sustainable food system.

Want to join the cause? Applications for Slow Food East End’s Master Farmer Program are due on Monday, December 7. To apply, submit your resume and a brief letter of intention to Slow Food East End right here.

Finalists will be notified by Monday, December 21, at which point interviews will be scheduled. This is a paid position, for which applicants can expect an annual stipend of $25/hour (up to a total amount of $5,000).