PHOTOS: The 2015 Food Truck Derby

There was just enough adult fun at this year’s Food Truck Derby to keep the adults happy while the kids played ring toss and climbed through an education 18-wheeler. Whole Foods was handing out pint glasses and many carried those over to the beverage tent where they could be filled with fresh tap beer. Thanks for coming everyone!

Need a dish by dish breakdown? Visit East End Taste. (Her favorites: “Blondie’s Bake Shop’s Triple Threat Brownie that was oozing with that fresh baked brownie taste, straight from the oven. Well done there, and don’t mind if I track you down for the next food truck event you will be at on Long Island. My second favorites were the fries by Eat Me Drink Me, which were exploding with fresh flavor, crispy texture, and savory herbs. The best drink, in my opinion, was Hampton Coffee’s cold brew iced coffee that I sweetened with a touch of simple syrup with a splash of whole milk.”)