20 Reasons to Visit the NEW Amagansett Farmers Market

An illustrated map near the checkout counter lists the farms and food makers who supply the market.

An illustrated map near the checkout counter lists the farms and food makers who supply the market.

The Amagansett Farmers Market, the half-century old farm stand at the east end of Amagansett’s Main Street, reopened August 1. Operated for the last few years by Eli Zabar, the market will now operated by the nonprofit Amagansett Farm Institute, whose mission to support the local food economy means the products on the shelves couldn’t be more mouth-watering and consciously curated. There’s a bevy of Hudson Valley yogurts, Brooklyn pasta, Empire State cheeses, Montauk lemonade and more East End fruits and vegetables than you can shake a spoon at. We’ve put together a little list of pantry stuffers and look forward to see what they add and change with the seasons. And we encourage you to get there as soon as you can.

ANKES1. Anke’s Fit Bakery

Anke’s Fit Bakery will be offering  delicious treats made with natural ingredients including chocolate cookies, ginger cookies and granola.

Amagansett Sea Salt

2. Amagansett Sea Salt

Amagansett Sea Salt will offer premium finishing salt including sampler packs, as well as their signature Montauk and Amagansett blends.

Garden of Eve

3. Garden of Eve

The organic farm grows an large selection of vegetables, herbs and flowers and will offer blueberry, blackberry and apricot jams.


4. North Fork Chocolate Co.

North Fork Chocolate Co. creates handcrafted artisanal chocolates and desserts from local ingredients and will offer bark as well as chocolate covered pretzels.


old school favorites chocolate sauce

5. Old School Favorites

Old School Favorites, a small family owned company, has created a line of chocolate “szauces” and “nutsz.”

Flour girl Jen


6. Flour Girl Jen

Flour Girl Jen handcrafts baked goods and desserts including scones and gluten-free berry bars.

Carissa's Breads

7. Carissa’s Breads

Carissa’s delicious breads made from all natural, locally grown ingredients.

Open Minded Organics


8. Open Minded Organics

Open Minded Organics will sell their most well known mushrooms.


9. Amber Waves Farm

Amber Waves Farm is passionate about connecting their consumers to their food and its farmers; at the market they will feature squash blossoms, garlic and wheat berries.

Quail Hill Farm

10. Quail Hill Farm

Quail Hill Farm, on 30 acres in Amagansett, has the goal “to sustain the land in healthy condition for future generation.” At market they will sell their famous potatoes.

The Milk Pail

11. The Milk Pail

The Milk Pail continues its family tradition that began in the 1640s through The Milk Pail Fresh Market and U-Pick apple orchard, they will sell blueberries and cider

farmer groun flour

12. Farmer Ground Flour

Farmer Ground Flour produced a variety of different flours and they work closely with bakers and pasta makers (check out Sfoglini at the market!) and will be offering their polenta and whole buckwheat flour.

backyard brine

13. Backyard Brine

Backyard Brine is a family run, locally based artisan pickle company that creates delicious pickles using fresh and all natural ingredients; at the market will be some of their signature pickles including Dill Death Do Us Art,  garlic dill, rowdy pepper belly, XXX spicy dill, Smokey Sienna’s, spicy smoked dill, and everything bread and butter.

Maple Hill Creamery

14. Maple Hill Creamery

Maple Hill Creamery creates 100 percent organic dairy products from grass-fed cows; look for their blueberry, maple, lemon, plain and Greek yogurt.

Kriemhild Dairy Farms

15. Kriemhild Dairy Farms

Kriemhild Dairy Farms will be offer meadow butter, one of their many grass-fed dairy products.

finger lakes fresh

16. Finger Lakes Fresh

Finger Lakes Fresh uses Farmer Ground Flour (also featured at the market!) to create delicious New York State tortillas.

Sfoglini pasta

17. Sfoglini

Sfoglini creates small batch fresh pastas made from some of the finest organic flour. Look for their cavatelli, basil reginetti, malloreddus, reginetti and rye trumpets.


18. Wallings

Wallings is a family owned maple syrup business that creates high quality maple syrup as well as several additional maple themed products.


19. cHarissa

cHarissa will be offer their signature Moroccan inspired rubs including original and hot.



20. Behind the Bottle: The Rise of Wine on Long Island

Eileen M. Duffy, editor of Edible East End and Edible Long Island, new book on Long Island wine is also on the shelf at the reborn market.

Good luck everyone!