Growing a Community: Mustard Seed Farm

Mustard Seed Farmstand

Mustard Seed farm stand

Friday nights at Mustard Seed Farm have revitalized Center Moriches, the East End’s westernmost town. Bring a bottle of wine, get yourself a taco from the food truck and enjoy the free live music, 6:30-9:30 p.m., from an array of emerging Long Island artists. If you’re still hungry, stop into Nettie’s Country Bakery next door for a brownie to accompany your wine, or whatever baked good dessert tickles your fancy.

“I wanted to bring people together with a common thought about community and health and good eating practices, and education about these things,” says Chris Cohen, owner and farmer at Mustard Seed Farm. “People ask about gardening, it’s amazing how many new friends I made through gardening.” So the farm stand, which already hosts free Friday night hangouts each week and yoga in the field on first Sundays at 9 a.m. with Yogaholic, as well as a CSA, is soon to offer a series of organic farming classes for adults and children and an art series for children.

Mustard Yoga

Free yoga at 9 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month throughout the summer by Yogaholic.

“I come in Monday and Tuesday (when the farm stand is closed) and the parking lot is full, people are sitting at the tables enjoying the atmosphere, whether they’re just having their coffee, on the computer or conducting business meetings,” says Cohen, who has decided to create a space on the farm that people can rent for an event or attend a farm-to-table meal prepared by Mustard Seed Farm.

Mustard Seed Farm-to-Table Meal

First farm-to-table meal at Mustard Seed earlier this week.

The farm is not certified USDA Organic; certification requires five prior years of bioremediation. Currently, Cohen is farming without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides by substituting essential oils and organic tinctures to maintain the topsoil. Mustard Seed currently grows a few vegetable varieties, a good deal of flowers and herbs and sells other local foods; she features a tasting bar for local products that changes each week and hopes to become a one-stop shop to buy all the best food products from the East End. Cohen also aims to release a signature mustard in good time.

Come on down next Friday night at 6:30 p.m. and don’t forget a bottle of wine! Bring a friend, or if you come alone that’s alright too, for you’re in good company. 🙂