Chicken Run! The Growing Seed Brings the Coop to Your own Backyard

East End residents no longer have to fly the coop for freshly laid eggs. This summer, Jeff Negron, the green-thumbed genius behind the home and kitchen gardening empire, The Growing Seed, is offering a chicken coop rental service that will provide clients with approximately 14 freshly laid eggs per week. Negron received the chicks on January 3 and has been raising them since. After 25 weeks of rearing, the hens are beginning to lay their eggs and starting last month, the coops are slowly being distributed to Negron’s clients all over the East End.  The service will provide two chickens and a specially constructed portable coop. Negron will come once a week to maintain the coop and ensure everything is going smoothly. Come October, the coop and chickens will be collected until made available for the following rental season.

Since 2009, Negron has been running The Growing Seed, an in-home gardening service that caters to East End families and restaurants. In addition to his love of good food, Negron’s passion stems from a desire to bring families and communities together through a dialogue about the real cost of food, an increasingly vital idea in the food sustainability movement. The act of collecting eggs from your own backyard each week facilitates true engagement with what ends up on your plate. In the age of grocery store convenience, we are often alienated from the cultivation of food, and it’s easy to forget why farmers market eggs can cost up to $9 per dozen. Negron hopes the rental service will contribute to the food sustainability dialogue, exhibiting what’s lost to low cost and convenience. “When you look at that egg that came from your very own chicken in your very own backyard, you know that egg is worth more than you would pay for at the grocery store,” he says. “So that has to be the conversation. And it’s the real conversation of food.”

For more information about The Growing Seed’s chicken coop rental and gardening services, check out their website.