Low Summer Issue Coming Soon! Tell Us Your Favorite Cover

So much to look forward to. I can’t believe we’re still talking about that winter, but it’s still is freezing the brain even after the forsythia has lost its last flower and our spring issue came out April 1. So onward! Our upcoming issue, due to hit the streets June 1, goes in the kitchen with Katie Lee, whose new cookbook, Endless Summer, came out last month; we go back of the house at Ephesus restaurant in Massapequa Park; celebrate CSAs all over the island and take you behind the scene of the Frenagle craze. And we got some good pics along the way. Tell us which ones you like.

1. Iacono Chicks by Lindsay Morris

EEE50 - Cover Contest JPGs 750x982px2


2. Iacono Eggs by Lindsay Morris

EEE50 - Cover Contest JPGs 750x982px6


3. Beet Juice Cured Fluke by Doug Young

EEE50 - Cover Contest JPGs 750x982px11


4. Springs School Greenhouse by Randee Daddona

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