Hamptons Aristocrat Catering Service Up and Running

radishes on plate

There’s a new Hamptons catering service that hopes to take the hustle out of hosting your summertime soirée. Beginning summer 2015, Hamptons Aristocrat will begin offering a variety of food entertaining services, including catering, vintage food trucks, grocery delivery, last-minute dinner party catering and “moonlight dinners” beneath the stars.

Lexi Stolz, owner of Hamptons Artistocrat, is no stranger to culinary convenience. Last year, Stolz launched South Fork & Spoon, a personal shopping, meal delivery and food concierge service. This year, Stolz partnered with Louisa Young, founder and owner of Ango, a Manhattan farm-to-fork catering company, to bring the Hamptons Aristocrat to life. The venture is named after Young and Stolz’ 1969 Aristocrat lo-liner food truck, a catering option that will “roll-in and roll-out” to your event, offering services from barbecues to weddings.

“The Hamptons isn’t just a destination,” says Stolz. “It’s everyone’s home and community.”

Hamptons Aristocrat is also ideal for more low-key evenings, offering organic meal delivery in less than two hours. Stolz and Young are committed to keeping things local and sustainable by sourcing exclusively local farms and establishments, including the Green Thumb, Round Swamp Farm and Citarella.  The women want to create a dining experience that evokes the beauty and charm of the Hamptons. “The Hamptons isn’t just a destination,” says Stolz. “It’s everyone’s home and community.”

Given the confounds of traffic, packed grocery stores and lines, it can be difficult to orchestrate a gathering where friends can get together and share a beautiful meal. The Hamptons Aristocrat does the dirty work for you, allowing you to bask in the glory of your guests, and of course, the compliments you’ll receive on the delectable local spread.

Lexi Stolz and Louisa Young

Lexi Stolz and Louisa Young

“Being apart of this community means being grateful to the land, and what it has to offer.” She adds, “What’s really important for me is to connect our clients to the farms and to the produce”.

Hamptons Aristocrat’s season starts today, May 7, with organic meal delivery services. Dishes include: farm stand soba noodles with bok choy and carrots, heirloom asparagus orzo with lemon zest and asparagus pesto, and peas and feta and cracked lobsters with market vegetables.

For a full list of Hampton Aristocrats services and current delivery service menus, check out their website.