Hamptons Brine on Kickstarter


Our food and beverage artisan Local Hero for 2015, Nadia Ernestus, has started a Kickstarter campaign to expand her sauerkraut business by buying a refrigerated delivery van and to get officially certified as organic. She is hoping to raise $12,000 by April 5. Contributors at varying levels are promised prints of a specially commissioned painting by local artist Jim Gingerich.

Local Heroes 2015 Food Beverage Artisan

Ernestus was featured in our Fall 2014 issue with an article by Kelly Ann Smith and photos by Lindsay Morris, who happens to be a big fan of her products, which have, by the way, started a mini fermentation craze out here on the East End. From the article: “Brining not only preserves cabbage, it creates as many as 20 different strains of good bacteria, fungi and trillions of probiotic colony–forming units, which correct imbalances in the gut’s bio- flora and strengthen the immune system. One serving of Hampton Brine’s sauerkraut can contain as many probiotics as a bottle of powdered supplements. ‘Powder? I don’t get that,’ Ernestus says. “How is that alive?’ In addition, sauerkraut has 20 times the amount of vitamin C as fresh cabbage and travels well.”

Congratulations and good luck Nadia! It’s so great when local food businesses are able to thrive and grow.